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Can you believe it's Summer!

Can you believe it guys, it's Summer!

I have to admit Summer is not my most favourite season, I'm not sure why as I feel it should be but maybe its been dampened by more often enough long, wet, grey British days.

Alas let's not dwell on my doom and gloom as the flower world is simple blinking marvellous this time of year. More British flower than weather for me please!

I've just got to mention some of my favourite Summer smashers at the moment....

  • Peonies! I just simply adore Peonies they have everything, blousy and stunning with the scent to match. Just the picture of perfect summer delights, give me an entire bunch of Peonies and I'm in heaven from the shocking Coral Sunset to the blushing pinks of St Bernhardt, I LOVE THEM!

  • Stocks. Well these have just got to be my close second and I don't mean the sad, sparse varieties you get at the supermarkets but the stunning British grown ones! They certainly bring the fragrance and the country garden feel that us British love. In shades of Whites, Lilacs and Pinks I can't help but put them in the seasonal bunches. Certainly a popular one in the "Kerry's Best of the Bunch".

  • Delphiniums, this flower has a magic power to be the most striking of presence in a bouquet to transforming into a soft companion to compliment any arrangement. This flower is one of the best choices if you love that true blue look! From bright electric blue to the softest of Sky blues they are lush!

  • Dahlias. The beginning of this month has seen more varieties starting to poke their little heads up. Dahlia's will always fascinate me how they can have so many different shapes, textures and colours and a touch of nostalgia as they often took over my Grandfathers garden, where you would find him caring for these beautiful beauties!

  • Hydrangeas. Now if you want a chunk of colour this is the one for you. I love them, such a go to bloom when you want to make a whopper of bouquet to make you go wow! Also they are so adaptable, perfect companion in funeral tributes but also stunning in bridal work. The fresh white tone looks incredible mixed in with Ivory and green, so elegant!

Okay writing this has made me doubt my thoughts on Summer or maybe that's the magic of flowers, who knows?!

Summer now leads me to holidays. Yes, yes, yes I'm so excited to have a family holiday coming up but not only that we will have our best matey's coming too!

We have had this holiday booked since last year and I'm pretty sure we have rearranged 4 or more times now, so with everything going to plan we will finally be getting ourselves that dose of sunshine. Even if the destination changes, the time will remain the same.

So we will be closed from Saturday 17th July to Wednesday 28th July.

Problem with loving your job is you sometimes forget to book that special time off to switch off, laugh, drink, eat and be silly with the ones you love. This holiday will be mine and my Hubby's first full week off this year and we all cant wait, plus a certain little man turns 2!

So don't worry if we go quiet mid month we will be back feeling fresh and happy!

It has to be said, I'm not usually a fan but...

Come on England!!!

Take care folks and see you soon,



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