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Think you can guess what I'm going to talk about, yep! It's Christmas!

I have just managed to sit down next to a dog that won't stop circulating like a hunting shark to avoid all the toy cars on the sofa...I mean Buddy, just SIT DOWN!

I don't really know why I needed to share that opener with you but hey, it sets the mood.

It's currently 4pm on a grey and murky Wednesday and I can't help but feel a little sad that the Halloween fun is all over..........

but wait for it......

Christmas is coming!!!


Tis the season to be jolly...

I'm trying to channel my inner Elf think she's called Cookie Pickle-Pants or at least thats what some cracker game told me.

Anyways we are talking wreath workshops, tied foliage garlands, table centres, festive jam jars, make your own DIY wreath kit and Christmas foliages galore!

You think of something and I'm darn sure I'll do my best to make it, although trying to find giant and I mean giant baubles is proving a challenge, so at this point contemplating painting Rex's footballs if they keep hanging around trying to trip me up!

It's my first year being in my glorious studio this Christmas and I am so excited to get it looking all festive and awesome. That's were I think tied garlands and sparkling lights may need to take over.

I'm not a savvy computer whizz kid unfortunately but something did pop into my head the other day, to be able to offer an option on our web shop to add twinkling battery operated lights to a design of your choice. So give me a week or so and I'll see how techno I can go!

I am a lover of lights at Christmas, its the greatest mood influencer so if I can give some sparkle to our festive designs, I'm darn well going to do it!

But don't worry if you are more of a natural kinda soul there will be plenty of wild and woody designs.

There is a design on the web shop called "Mixed Christmas Foliages" and this one is perfect if you want to get crafty.

Last year I simply cut all the foliage down to about hand size and created a table runner by just placing the short stems throughout each other along a run of candlesticks and add a bundle of pinecones and cinnamon, boom!

You have yourself a stunning Christmas table that you made.

Same method works brilliantly on fireplaces, mantles, picture shelves, piano toppers and more, the list really is endless.

For a more free hanging, sturdy design you would be looking at more of a tied garland which look stunning over a door archway, picture corners, and as a swag design on a fireplace, just imagine the stockings mixed in there too.

Oh and lets not forget to add our sparkling lights to the mix.

For me Christmas is all about the smells, textures and lights such a perfect trio!


Christmas Workshops

If you were awesome enough to grab a space on our wreath making workshop....eekkk.... your in for a treat. To all those who missed out this time, I'm so sorry spaces just got snapped up so quickly, which was a very pleasant surprise to me but a note for next year, more dates needed!

But don't forget we do our DIY Wreath Making Kits for £35.00 which comes with all the materials you need to make your own wreath at home with the guidance of a video by yours truly, trust me I did get some good feedback last year, promise!!! Also a pretty good gift idea for the impossible person.......just a thought we all know one.

It is my first time teaching in the studio so keeping numbers to six people a class seems a safe option for this occasion but next year I may well think we could comfortably squeeze in more peeps, we'll see.

Going shopping for all the supplies in the next couple of weeks (I know, tough task hey!) so hoping to conjure an amazing collection of Christmas goodies for us all to play with, along with all the fresh foliages to make your Christmas wreaths last in to the new year!

From Spruce to Holly, to Eucalyptus to Pinecones. Lets get the creative juices flowing and the bubbles popping!


The Christmas Collection is live!

The Christmas Collection is now live on our web shop for you to get your pre orders in and orders will be ready to go out for delivery any date on and from the Tuesday 23rd November to Thursday 23rd December, being our last day open for the year!

Can't wait to see you all for flowery fun and Christmas shenanigans!

Take care everyone and keep warm and safe and if I don't see you before, Merry Christmas!!!....did I really just say that.

Love Kerry xx

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