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Well I must admit it has been a while since my last confession, oops I mean blog.

Things have just been wonderfully busy, which makes for a very happy Kerry!

Wedding season is slowly coming to an end with just a few more to see out the year. It's certainly been a mixed bag this year with some of the popular styles being the classic loose natural whites and greens and then on the opposite scale the brightest of all the colours.

At least its never boring and I have had the best fun making so many lovely flower crowns this year and I love them! So fingers crossed there be back next year......please!

All you wonderful Brides always keep me on my toes and I can't get enough, so keep sending me those challenges. There are still a few weekends free next year so be sure to act fast if you don't want to miss out on the Rock + Wild touch on your big day.


So with the end of Wedding season comes the next season, Autumn!

Which holds my personal favourite festivity, Halloween!

The Halloween collection is now available to buy online from Autumnal bouquets to a seasonal pumpkin filled with the freshest flowers. It brings with it all the richest of colours from the beautiful burnt oranges, the moody burgundy reds and the bursts of golden yellows, never dull. I'll certainly be treating myself to a pumpkin full of flower for our Halloween party this year and I can't wait.


Oh by the way, WOW!

I still can't get over how quickly the Christmas Wreath making workshops sold out!

I'm still trying to see if I can free any time up to do any more classes, so keep your eyes peeled on all the socials, as I'll be sure to update them as soon as I know!

Here's a little snippet of what to expect on one of these festive evenings. Now we are keeping the numbers of the classes low, not only is it a little safer to have a little more space but also for the required amount of good teaching and one to one time I would like to give everyone!

The joy of these workshops is the skills you'll learn can be used each and every year and not only at Christmas time, as wreath making can be done throughout the year such as Spring, Easter, Autumn its endless really and you can have one for each season if you wanted!

You will have your own work station on a shared large table where all your tools will be provided for you because lets face it, if it was me going I would definitely forget them!

All materials will be provided as well and you will get to decide which foliages you would like to use, there will be a great selection to choose from, from Spruce to Eucalyptus.

I'm wanting to give you your own space to be as creative as you like and I'm there to guide you to make sure your wreath is as unique as you are!

Oh plus it wouldn't fell Christmassy without a cheeky mince pie and some festive bubbles!

Ooooooooooo I'm getting excited just talking about it!!!


So let me sign off there and just another reminder I am closed from this Friday (15th October) until Wednesday (20th October) as a long weekend with my girls is in order but I do hope to hear from you soon and don't forget your flower pumpkin!

Lots of love to you all and spooky fun!

Kerry xx

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We are currently bang in the middle of Summer and I should be riding the wave of wedding talk but nope...not this month.

As much as I adore being in the midst of wedding season this month I want to take the opportunity to talk funeral flowers.

It's not a subject most people like to talk about until the moment the inevitable happens but let me tell you, funeral flowers are by far the most important flowers you'll ever give. I can't help but think its the last gift you can give to your loved one. So lets make them as unique and beautiful as the person they are intended for.

So on that note I would like to show you all the possibilities and most popular designs out there.


Flower Sprays

Starting with the casket spray often in two options a double ended spray (as pictured above) and a single ended spray.

The double design is in a diamond shape and the single design is more of a teardrop shape. The double ended spray is the one to go for if you are only to have the one flower design. You can choose absolutely any colour or flower in this design and my number one rule is I will never do one design the same, uniqueness is what makes these flowers so personal and special to the person you love!

The single ended spray is the one to go for if there will be accompanying flowers on the coffin, its narrowing end leads to a nice space for other designs to sit alongside. Designs such as a posy or a wreath would work well here, often using a bit of height in the flower to bring a lovely profile.


Name Tributes

The next most popular designs are name tributes you can have any letters on this design and you will often see them all based in one type of flower (double Chrysanthemum), usually white with flower clusters of your choice and colour running throughout.

The edge of the lettering can be done in different ways as well, you can have ribbon edging (as seen in picture above), foliage edging, or just have the flower right to the edge itself.

Double Chrysanthemums are one of the top flowers used by florists in funeral work, you will always see them used in 3D work as it creates the perfect base, which leads too....


Unique Tributes

Talking of 3D work us florists adore a challenge so always talk through all the loves and passions of your loved one, as many amazing ideas come from this.

Whether they loved animals such as Horses, Dogs and even insects!

To their hobbies, gardening, sports, anything!

All these little insights and details help to create the most unique, personal, beautiful designs for your loved one.

So remember no idea is ever too silly or impossible, so just ask!

I think it's really important to talk about these things.


On a slightly brighter note...

Right on a different, more cheery note our little man turned the big 2 last month and we celebrated in style with an amazing party with his family and friends.

One thing I learnt is balloons do not like heatwaves, only 6 balloons survived out of this massive balloon arch into the evening! One year we will have just nice weather please, first year torrential rain and this year a heat wave!!!

But not only that Rex experienced his first plane trip as we finally jetted off on our first family holiday abroad and we were so lucky to get to spend it in Croatia. Oh my how beautiful it was, a wash of white stone buildings with red terracotta roofs and gorgeous clear waters, stunning! We will definitely go back one day.

Okay let me leave it there as it has been an overload of information already in this months blog but I do think it is important to know what options you have out there.

You know where I am,

Kerry xx

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Can you believe it guys, it's Summer!

I have to admit Summer is not my most favourite season, I'm not sure why as I feel it should be but maybe its been dampened by more often enough long, wet, grey British days.

Alas let's not dwell on my doom and gloom as the flower world is simple blinking marvellous this time of year. More British flower than weather for me please!

I've just got to mention some of my favourite Summer smashers at the moment....

  • Peonies! I just simply adore Peonies they have everything, blousy and stunning with the scent to match. Just the picture of perfect summer delights, give me an entire bunch of Peonies and I'm in heaven from the shocking Coral Sunset to the blushing pinks of St Bernhardt, I LOVE THEM!

  • Stocks. Well these have just got to be my close second and I don't mean the sad, sparse varieties you get at the supermarkets but the stunning British grown ones! They certainly bring the fragrance and the country garden feel that us British love. In shades of Whites, Lilacs and Pinks I can't help but put them in the seasonal bunches. Certainly a popular one in the "Kerry's Best of the Bunch".

  • Delphiniums, this flower has a magic power to be the most striking of presence in a bouquet to transforming into a soft companion to compliment any arrangement. This flower is one of the best choices if you love that true blue look! From bright electric blue to the softest of Sky blues they are lush!

  • Dahlias. The beginning of this month has seen more varieties starting to poke their little heads up. Dahlia's will always fascinate me how they can have so many different shapes, textures and colours and a touch of nostalgia as they often took over my Grandfathers garden, where you would find him caring for these beautiful beauties!

  • Hydrangeas. Now if you want a chunk of colour this is the one for you. I love them, such a go to bloom when you want to make a whopper of bouquet to make you go wow! Also they are so adaptable, perfect companion in funeral tributes but also stunning in bridal work. The fresh white tone looks incredible mixed in with Ivory and green, so elegant!

Okay writing this has made me doubt my thoughts on Summer or maybe that's the magic of flowers, who knows?!

Summer now leads me to holidays. Yes, yes, yes I'm so excited to have a family holiday coming up but not only that we will have our best matey's coming too!

We have had this holiday booked since last year and I'm pretty sure we have rearranged 4 or more times now, so with everything going to plan we will finally be getting ourselves that dose of sunshine. Even if the destination changes, the time will remain the same.

So we will be closed from Saturday 17th July to Wednesday 28th July.

Problem with loving your job is you sometimes forget to book that special time off to switch off, laugh, drink, eat and be silly with the ones you love. This holiday will be mine and my Hubby's first full week off this year and we all cant wait, plus a certain little man turns 2!

So don't worry if we go quiet mid month we will be back feeling fresh and happy!

It has to be said, I'm not usually a fan but...

Come on England!!!

Take care folks and see you soon,



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