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Let's talk funerals...

We are currently bang in the middle of Summer and I should be riding the wave of wedding talk but nope...not this month.

As much as I adore being in the midst of wedding season this month I want to take the opportunity to talk funeral flowers.

It's not a subject most people like to talk about until the moment the inevitable happens but let me tell you, funeral flowers are by far the most important flowers you'll ever give. I can't help but think its the last gift you can give to your loved one. So lets make them as unique and beautiful as the person they are intended for.

So on that note I would like to show you all the possibilities and most popular designs out there.


Flower Sprays

Starting with the casket spray often in two options a double ended spray (as pictured above) and a single ended spray.

The double design is in a diamond shape and the single design is more of a teardrop shape. The double ended spray is the one to go for if you are only to have the one flower design. You can choose absolutely any colour or flower in this design and my number one rule is I will never do one design the same, uniqueness is what makes these flowers so personal and special to the person you love!

The single ended spray is the one to go for if there will be accompanying flowers on the coffin, its narrowing end leads to a nice space for other designs to sit alongside. Designs such as a posy or a wreath would work well here, often using a bit of height in the flower to bring a lovely profile.


Name Tributes

The next most popular designs are name tributes you can have any letters on this design and you will often see them all based in one type of flower (double Chrysanthemum), usually white with flower clusters of your choice and colour running throughout.

The edge of the lettering can be done in different ways as well, you can have ribbon edging (as seen in picture above), foliage edging, or just have the flower right to the edge itself.

Double Chrysanthemums are one of the top flowers used by florists in funeral work, you will always see them used in 3D work as it creates the perfect base, which leads too....


Unique Tributes

Talking of 3D work us florists adore a challenge so always talk through all the loves and passions of your loved one, as many amazing ideas come from this.

Whether they loved animals such as Horses, Dogs and even insects!

To their hobbies, gardening, sports, anything!

All these little insights and details help to create the most unique, personal, beautiful designs for your loved one.

So remember no idea is ever too silly or impossible, so just ask!

I think it's really important to talk about these things.


On a slightly brighter note...

Right on a different, more cheery note our little man turned the big 2 last month and we celebrated in style with an amazing party with his family and friends.

One thing I learnt is balloons do not like heatwaves, only 6 balloons survived out of this massive balloon arch into the evening! One year we will have just nice weather please, first year torrential rain and this year a heat wave!!!

But not only that Rex experienced his first plane trip as we finally jetted off on our first family holiday abroad and we were so lucky to get to spend it in Croatia. Oh my how beautiful it was, a wash of white stone buildings with red terracotta roofs and gorgeous clear waters, stunning! We will definitely go back one day.

Okay let me leave it there as it has been an overload of information already in this months blog but I do think it is important to know what options you have out there.

You know where I am,

Kerry xx

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