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Augusts flower power!

Whats been happening...

August has been a month full of summer lushness, flower quality this month has been out of this world! We have had some mind blowing colours in Dahlias, Delphiniums as big as giraffes and Hydrangeas have been on point!

The summer months are full of the best British flowers and we have been lucky enough to find some great new local suppliers which will make next years delights more exciting.

As Autumn approaches you will certainly see a change in the types of flower coming your way and the most gorgeous colour palettes. I have to admit Autumn is my favourite season, seeing the changes in the trees and all the awesome events up ahead! I'm a sucker for Halloween so no doubt you'll see some fun, strange designs coming up!


How to make the best of your flower...

This month I thought it would be a good idea to tell you the best way to look after your flowers! If your lucky enough to be spoilt with the gift of flowers this is how it goes....

Hand Tied

If your bunch of flowers comes wrapped in paper and the stems are out of water the first thing to do is unwrap your flowers removing all paper and bow, remembering to recycle these!

The bunch will be hand arranged already so no need to untie the bouquet. You will then need to cut at least two centimetres of the bottom of the stems, trying to cut at an angle to ensure the greatest area for the flower to guzzle up the water. Your bouquet will come with flower food attached so make sure to mix this in with the fresh water according to the instructions on the packet. Fill your vase with the premixed water and another tip is to use a vase with a big bottom! Often you see vases that are skinny and tall which can make it difficult for the stems to spread out and create that lovely full look.

Pop your freshly cut bouquet into the vase and boom, beautiful happy flowers!

For maximum lifespan for your flowers change the water every few days, especially as flower food can go a bit cloudy if left too long. Also recut the stems as they can seal over and remove any dead flowers as they can effect the remaining flowers.

Don't be afraid at this point to cut the tie point on your bouquet and separate your flowers out, as you can often make a few vase arrangements out of one bunch!

Aqua Bouquet

If you receive a bunch of flowers sat in a box you don't have to rush as they are sat in there own water bubble. Its a good idea to top up the water in the bubble as we don't fill it to the top as when they travel it could spill, you can do this by simply pouring water slowly down low into the centre of the bouquet with a watering can and make sure you don't overfill!

After a couple of days maximum its best to then remove the flower from its water bubble by taking the bouquet out the box, remember flower food is often popped into the box so save this for later. Remove the outer paper which can be recycled and head to your sink and while holding the bouquet over the sink with one hand, snip the tie point with the other and water will pour out. The cellophane we use is compostable the best way is to cut it into small pieces and pop it in your compost bin.

Then continue with the steps of above with the hand tied!


Right think thats enough talking for this month, hope you've found this useful and you can now show off with your new found knowledge of flower care, you never know when this might come in handy!

Take care my lovelies!!!

Kerry xx

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