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Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Well we are definitely in the thick of it now, the countdown to Christmas is on!

My hands are torn to shreds by the Christmas foliages with berries galore on the Holly and sky high Spruce to be trimmed.

We've made so many gorgeous wreaths it brings me so much joy to see them decorate the doors of Trowbridge and further afield. There has been no clear winner on the styles they have all been just as popular. If I had to choose the Cracker wreath gets the vote form me!

Next week will most certainly see the popularity of the table arrangements and festive jam jars go up. Festive jam jars are the perfect gift to send some festive cheer to someone who needs a bit of Christmas love. All perfectly presented so no faffing and also make the most excellent table centre to add some natural glam to your Christmas table. One customer has ordered several to go on their dining table for the big day, such a great idea!

I'll get creating some more table centre designs next week to suit all budgets and styles because why can't everyone have some abundance of Christmas glamour this year, think we all need it!

Nothing beats the glow of candlelight and smell of Spruce in the warmth of your home!


Make your own Wreath kits...

Had the new experience of creating the online step by step guide for our DIY Wreath kits this month, that was fun but oh my it was bizarre!

It has proved successful as I have seen some amazing results from our lovely customers, felt like a proud Mumma!!!

These kits are available until the 23rd December so if tickles your fancy give it a go, you won't be disappointed and you'll get that great feeling of achievement.

If you follow us online you'll know we have our workshop studio in construction which I am so ecstatic about and can't wait to get in it and make it our floral emporium! Hopefully this time next year we will be able to offer wreath making classes in the studio, oooooh I can picture it already, mulled wine and Holly!!!!


Christmas Wedding...

Had the pleasure this week of creating a gorgeous artificial wedding bouquet for a Bride who is also a lifelong friend. Knowing weddings have there limitations this year the Bride wanted a bouquet that she could use next Summer for a big celebration party.

She chose wisely on her colours and went for a scarlet red, Ivory, yellow and green colour scheme, perfect for a Christmas wedding but will also work well through to early Summer! It was jam packed full of Roses, Daffodils, Spray Roses and mixed Eucalyptus and Berries which really gave it the texture and look of fresh flowers. Honestly you'd have to get your magnifying glass out to see they are artificial, the selections now are spectacular!

I'm such fan of artificial I had them myself for my wedding, knowing we were travelling to Las Vegas I wanted to know exactly what I was getting, so if that meant doing them myself, so be it! Now they sit perfectly framed on my wall and I cherish them forever.


Right the Holly and Spruce are calling me, best not leave them waiting especially that Holly, gah my hands!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Kerry xx

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