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Go Away Winter Blues!

Well here we are again, another lockdown. I know I shouldn't moan as there is such a bigger more impacting picture but.....fed up! That is definitely the vibe here but Hey! its a New Year and lets fast forward through these next couple of months and hopefully a brighter Spring is on the cards!

The Christmas decorations are all down and packed away and a part of me always feels fresher and brighter knowing a new year has begun.

So goodbye 2020 adios and lets put all our efforts into appreciating what we have here now in 2021!!!


Whats in store for 2021...

A New Year is ahead and things have already kicked off here at Rock + Wild the weekly special has certainly proved popular already. The perfect thank you gifts for all the festive appreciation and the perfect way to bring a bit of colour to our now less sparkly homes.

Spring flowers have begun to poke their little heads up and I can't help but notice the masses of Daffodils sprouting up already, especially on the early morning drive to the flower market!

Wedding enquiries have kicked back off and we have seen so many Brides and Grooms preparing for 2022 which I can't blame them. Hopefully we will see a summer of weddings this year but totally understand everyones predicament!

So any Brides thinking they have lots of time on their side I would totally recommend getting your dates booked in for 2022 now!

Think that will be the year of, love, love!

Although do not fear if you haven't prepared for your wedding this year just get in contact, as many wedding services and suppliers will no doubt have an ever changing calendar this year!


Valentines Day is coming!...

Drum roll please as you should all know whats coming up next in the floristry diary next month....

Valentines Day!

Yep the 14th February will be here before we know it and it falls on a Sunday! So all you loved up lovelies get prepared, think we need LOVE more than anything at the moment and little gestures will be appreciated more than ever! So lets spread the LOVE!!!

I'll get my noggin ticking over this month and get the inspiration for some romantic floral delights. From a simple elegant Rose design to the explosion of seasonal flowers to get the heart pumping.

Any florist will tell you...Roses....mmm....we do love you Roses but at Valentines the price of you is so crazy!

So my advice for half the price of a dozen Roses you can get the most stunning mixed bunch of beautiful flowers you will have ever seen, that will knock their socks off or more!

So ladies, fellas, people of Wiltshire lets ignore the traditions of Roses and let an explosion of flowers happen this Valentines. We're talking Tulips, Freesia, Lilys, Hyacinths, Alstromeria, Lisianthus and so so much more......TRUST ME!!!

If you don't, don't worry I'll still cater for you old romantics with the biggest headed Roses you'll ever see!

Love to you all and stay safe my lovelies!

Kerry xx

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