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How has it been a year!!!

I'm currently sat outside the studio drinking a good cup of Joe watching the new girls (the rescue Hens for all those who don't follow us!), basking in the sunshine, boys napping and quite frankly I don't want to move. Think I may have found my heaven!

This last month has been a GOOD month, I think not only in my flower world but personally having the new Chicks in the garden has really brought a soul to the studio and along with opening up to you lovely lot from flower collections and wedding appointments there's a new buzz and I love it!!!

This last week has had me on my toes or should I say fingers with all you wedding flower messaging and I'm so excited to now be able to welcome you to the studio for face to face consultations (such a formal word, basically a chin wag about the one subject I could waffle on about for a long time, Weddings!!!!)


Here we go then, Weddings...

It's really interesting this year as all Wedding enquiries I've had everyone is different.

Often most years you'll see a trend and it follows pretty bang on!...but no...this year Brides and Grooms are rocking their own style and tastes and I'm feeling it.

Certainly keeps me on my game!

Weddings are still pretty intimate and petite, often just Bridal flowers, Buttonholes, etc. Which I understand we're still not quite there for the big shindigs yet but won't be long.

Can see a shift in direction already for 2022, so lets see what happens :)

Talking of small Weddings don't be put off getting flowers, they really do make such a huge difference on your Wedding Day! Remaining timeless in your photos for years to come.

So get in touch as I can always make room and time for creating gorgeous bouquets, leave that to me!


Believe it or not...

By the way last month I reached my first whole year as Rock + Wild Florist, May the 13th 2020 after a few too many bubbles on mine and my Hubby's Wedding Anniversary, Beau (the Hubby) sparked the idea of going out on my own and so we sat there creating my logo that very day!

It had been a rough start that day, I received my redundancy letter through the post that morning and I was gutted, I loved my job and the thought of not going back after my maternity leave left me feeling pretty devastated. I know there was definitely more horrendous things happening during the pandemic so I knew I had to buckle up and get focused!

So thats where Rock + Wild Florist' story begins......

.......and well you know the rest!!!!

I will always remain ever so grateful to all of you who have supported me from buying a bunch of flowers, to letting me get creative with your Wedding flowers and trusting me with your flower tributes for loved ones.

Every flower I touch gets the same love and attention each time and I thank you lovely lot for letting me do what I love!

Thank you! I mean that!

Oh by the way keep an eye out for the WEEKLY SPECIALS this month, the flower market is in full seasonal swing and the flower prices are pretty good!!!

Love, Kerry


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