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Its officially Autumn!

The last summer holiday has been enjoyed and my birthday has been and gone, must mean one thing.....its Autumn!

Autumn and Spring have always been my favourite seasons, watching the changes in nature really is the Bee's knee's. You will certainly see a change in the flower this Autumn season, all those beautiful bronzes, burnt oranges, deep pinks and reds have now taken over and we say goodbye to the summer pastel pinks and lilacs.



These deep vibrant tones are perfect for Autumn events, Halloween, bringing images of Autumnal wreaths and harvest vibes and Pumpkins!!!!

Can't get enough of pumpkins and gourdes in October and the uglier the better I say.

There are so many great local locations to go and pick your own pumpkins and I certainly know me and mini man will definitely be doing are fair share of squelching through muddy fields to find our perfect pumpkin. I wonder if I'll find one big enough to put him in hehe.

Don't forget I know the perfect way to showcase those hand picked pumpkin

Unfortunately no big Halloween parties will be happening this year but how about a small dinner party with your floral pumpkin taking centre stage, of course no more than six people we don't want to get in trouble.

We will also be offering our weekly special on Halloween week so keep your eyes peeled for this. No doubt it will be filled with Autumnal lovelies, including my favourite Chinese lanterns.


Autumn Flower...

Autumn flower sees a selection of all the great lasters! They all blend so well together, you can even introduce dried flower to the mix and give it the real harvest vibe.



Autumnal Hydrangeas







Bespoke Designs...

Ever think you need a little floral (I don't know why but this word still makes me shudder...) decoration in the house, don't forget you can always drop me a message whether its small or large. Fancy an abundant Autumnal wreath on your door, a finishing touch on the mantle piece just give us a shout, I do love a challenge thats for sure!

Right October really is a bustling month and no time to hang around so this month I'll leave it short and sweet or spooky!

See you next in November and well you certainly know what I'll be talking about then, clue it begins with C!

Thanks again my lovelies!

Kerry xx

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