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June, what a month....

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Wow what a month it has been, the end of spring and the beginning of summer sunshine, although not so much today. The idea to bring in flower deliveries has really taken off and I couldn't be more happier, so not just an event florist anymore!

Thank you everyone who has supported me on my new venture of Rock + Wild whether thats buying some flowers or spreading the word, it really is appreciated. I've loved every second of it so far and every design has given me the greatest joy to create!


What's Happening...

Well whats going on in my floristry brain at the moment.....Weddings!

Usually the summer months are jam packed with wedding creations but alas it is not meant to be this year. So many events and celebrations have been postponed to 2021 and 2022 and my heart goes out to you all, its not easy planning a wedding let alone rearranging every little aspect. I will do my upmost to help any bride or groom with this and make things as easy as I can for you on the floral front. I know weddings have been given the green light butI can imagine some difficult decisions being made with the new restrictions. I will advice to get a new date in as soon as you've had the a okay from the ceremony and venue as I can see 2021 being a busy one hopefully in a lot more safer and relaxed circumstances.



One thing I can see in popularity is rainbow inspired colour schemes, this makes my heart explode, as anyone who knows me knows my love for colour has no bounds!

Whether a full on rainbow explosion is you thing or just choosing a select few I can see some awesome wedding trends kicking off!

For one thing I know my soon to be one year old son will be having a rainbow fiesta, any excuse to splash these colours around. Putting my hand to some balloon creations whether that works out I'll be sure to share!


Something to try...

Another trend I see happening is in the dry flower world, the do it yourself approach has grown massively in popularity. These fresh Hydrangeas are ideal for your first attempt, find them on our online shop, simply hang upside down with string, the raffia that comes with your flower delivery or even an elastic band in a dark (as this will help keep the flowers colour) warm and dry room. Other great flowers for this our Roses, Gypsophilia, Larkspur, Limonium and Celosia.

Well lots to get on with here at Rock + Wild HQ's, the pick up truck is getting a makeover so look out for us on the road!

Workshop is in the planning so very excited about this hopefully in a couple of months I will be reporting from inside, the interior designer in me is getting way to ahead of herself! But will have so much more space to create floral gorgeousness, and even attempt more videos who knows!

Right you know where we are for any of your flower needs so keep safe everyone!

Kerry xx

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