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Spring, Spring, Spring!

WOW (I realise I use that word a lot!)

What a crazy, wonderful couple of months it has been. My very first Mother's Day as Rock + Wild and I couldn't have been happier with how it went.

I feel like I was in a magical bubble surrounded with amazing flower and working in my fresh studio was the best feeling ever!!!

Still gob smacked that I had sold out by Tuesday on the Mother's Day week but it was good to know my maximum order numbers, knowing that I can give the perfect amount of attention and love to each and every bouquet, ensuring they were top notch!

So a big mahoosive thank you to everyone who supported me this Mother's Day it's the biggest event in the floristry calendar and I couldn't of done it without you guys. Also lets face it we got to treat our Mum's like the Superstars they are, they are amazing in all they do! My poor Mumma spent Mother's Day being a delivery driver for me, alongside my Dad and Hubby. Without them all I would of been in big trouble. So if your reading this Mum, Dad and Beau you are my shining stars and I love you!


Spring flower is here...

I'm a huge fan of Spring flowers, who isn't?

  • Tulips

  • Iris

  • Hyacinths

  • Anemones

  • Ranunculus

  • Hellebores

The list goes on!

I find Spring flower is the most fragrant flower, all those soft, pretty perfumes just make bouquets 10 x more delicious!

Did you know Spring flowers are often soft stemmed so don't like being crushed into oasis so are always best in water and in mass they are just amazing and lets face it they will do there own thing anyway.

Here at Rock + Wild we've been busy using Spring flowers in our weekly specials too, always choosing the best seasonal flower of the week. Which leads me to our new subscription service (smoothly done there i know!)

Monthly flowers...

On our web shop you are now able to order our weekly special on a monthly basis, choosing either 3 ,6 or 12 month options. Meaning you will get a lush bunch of seasonal flowers every month and the bonus is it's FREE DELIVERY in the local area.

So you can sit back and enjoy those monthly flower fixes. Perfect if you love to have flowers in the house or wanting to send some flowery love as a gift that keeps on giving and only £20 a month! WHAT!

The idea came along when a few customers had requested flowers on a regular basis and they didn't want to faff with calling on each occasion, so BOOM!

Our wonderful web shop already had this monthly subscription option there and means all payments are stored and processed securely. Sometimes you just need a nudge in the right direction hey!

This idea has been perfect for gifting as well. I've made many a wonderful delivery to care homes, work places sending love to those who you can't often see.

Right signing off for now, these flowers won't deliver themselves,

where's Mum when you need her ;-)

Take care folks!

Love Kerry xx

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